17 Nov 2007

2409 Sqn Presented with Morris Trophy by Commd't Air Cadets

Commandant Air Cadets, Air Cdr Gordon Moulds presented 2409 Halton Sqn with the prestigious Morris Trophy on the rear steps of the Halton House Officers Mess at RAF Halton this morning, Saturday 17th November.

The Commandant was visiting RAF Halton for the Corps Drill and Band competition and took time out from his busy schedule to make the presentation. Air Commodore and Mrs Moulds joined Sqn staff for morning coffee and later that afternoon a buffet lunch in the mess.

Sqn Ldr Jerry Davies received the Morris Trophy for 2006 on behalf of the Sqn, having been the CO for the previous 10 years and during the time of the reporting period.

The Commandant told the cadets that the competition had been virtually tied and that 2409 were actually the best Sqn in the Corps when scored at the Inspection phase and that they had narrowly missed winning the Lee's Trophy by the the final scoring guide which takes into account team and individual achievements.

2409 Halton Sqn has also been Herts and Bucks Wing best Sqn for 9 out of the last 10 years.

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